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All You Want to Know About Karachi: Some Facts

by Aitsam
Karachi - Mera Pakistan

All You Want to Know About Karachi: Some Facts: Karachi has the advantage of being the largest city in Pakistan and the second-most populous city in the world. Once it was the capital of Pakistan. 

Karachi is also known as “The city of lights” for ages. It is a financial hub, and that’s why a home of millions of people who have been settled here for their earning bread and livelihood. Karachi is also a hub of ethnic people.

Whether it’s a great cultural mix or delicious food, Karachi is one of the world’s most popular cities. Here are some of the most interesting facts you do not know.

 Whether You Call It Karachi Or Kolachi?

Karachi was named Krokola under Alexander during ancient Greek times. Yeah, so old! Muhammad Bin Qasim and Arabs later changed its name to Debal.  

In 1729 real settlement was established. It was named Kolachi by Mai Kolachi (Auntie Kolachi) who was an old woman’s name. She was the village head and was well known for her fair decisions. There are many more accounts of the former name “Kolachi” in this town. The name finally developed into Karachi, with the multi-ethnic population growing.

Famous Artists and Musicians Love to Live Here 

The town has some of the best places to show your passion and fusion of live music. Karachi has a group of super-skilled people who never stop entertaining local people and visitors with their lovely music, from classical music artists to pop and rock.

Shehzad Roy and Stings, among Pakistan’s most talented singers, can create a benchmark on an international level. To name just a few Nazia Hassan, the founder of pop music in Pakistan was also from this city.

M. Alam, the hero and fighter pilot of PAF, also made this city his hometown after the debacle of Dhaka. 

Lovers Of Foodie Find Their Place In Karachi

Karachiites are definitely crazy about food! There is no debate over it. Even though it’s 2 or 3 am, they’re still willing depending on their mood and volume, to pick andy wala burger or continental meal. 

The town of Lights offers many delicious cuisines, from pure desi nehari to the Irish Breakfast Butler’s all day. Bet you already go; Try Nehari Inn, Ghaffar Kabab Restaurant, Expresso, Nursery burger, and Noorani House to make your taste buds even more loved!

A Home of Largest Ethnic Group

Karachi is known for its cultural and ethnic diversity and is home to million immigrants, including Afghan, Bengali, Chinese, African, Indian and Philippine immigrants. One of the best things in the city is its people both residents, immigrants, and visitors are hospitable and welcoming.

Karachi attracts people from every race, faith, and group, unlike other parts of Pakistan. Karachi is the only seaside town in the country that shelters the largest community of Hindu, Christian, and ancient Parsis. In different universities and institutions, the multi-ethnic nature of the people can be seen.

Most Important its area: The beach

When the Karachities are sick of the city’s hectic wheels, they go for serenity towards the sea. Book a cabin, pick up a van, order a huge Biryani Daig and you will all have time during the weekend. 

Karachi doesn’t have to schedule a beach party for a weekend; only a few spots of rain can bring mood, and you can see people with friends and family going to beaches.  Locations such as the beach of Turtle, French Beach, and Churna Island will give you real peaceful vibrations!

Near the Clifton sea point, you can easily find an apartment for rent or to buy. It will be wonderful to buy property near the water where you can see nature early in the morning while sitting on a terrace with a cup of tea.  

The founding city of Philanthropist: Edhi Organization

Edhi Foundation - Mera Pakistan

Abdul Sattar Edhi – Founder of Edhi Foundation

Edhi Foundation gas its name in here. Every little child knows about it. Karachi, as the founding hub of NGO and the largest private ambulance network in the world, has great value. 

The Best Residential Area Near Sea

Clifton is one of the few residential localities are near the seashore. Therefore, it is one of the most expensive places to live among the unique properties in Karachi. This comprises nine blocks that deliver a high quality of life and is unmatchable. 

Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) is responsible for horticulture, water, and sanitation. People invest in Clifton homes because there are multiple services available in the area.

It houses foreign embassies and consulates and several new shopping malls including Dolmen Mall, Ocean Center, Emerald Tower, and Park Towers. The highest water fountain in the Arabian Sea is in Clifton. It also boasts of having Pakistan’s tallest building named “Bahria Icon Tower.”

All these things make Karachi a unique place to live in.

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