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Lauded For The World’s Loneliest Elephant, Kaavan

by Ayesha Saeed

How does it start, and how does it feel?

A 35-year-old Kaavan an Asian elephant finds himself free from Pakistan’s capital zoo Marghazar into a Cambodian sanctuary.

Now he is cheering and befriends other female elephants in the Cambodian sanctuary.

The credit all goes to American superstar Cher, who brought extra efforts to the world’s loneliest elephant.

The Story Begins Like This:

In 2012, Kaavan lost his companion, a female elephant called “Saheli” and his demeanor deteriorated. He acted furiously, became angry, despondent, with an unhealthy diet: obesity.

His condition was dire at the zoo that court-ordered for his release. It also ordered the shutdown of the zoo and also relocated all the animals from the zoo. The act sparked a global effort for all the animals, especially for Kavan. https://twitter.com/i/status/1333801232842903555

Now Come To The First Drop Of the Story:

Local Pakistani activists first put Kavaan’s plight in highlights on Cher’s radar with a Twitter campaign, aiming message with hashtag # “save Kavaan” and “#free Kaavan” at celebrities worldwide.

But carrying a creature by plane to another place is not as easy as it looked. A jumbo Russian cargo plane was hired to accomplish this impossible task. The capability was justified as the plane can carry a 36-years old adult bull elephant with 200 kilos of food on a seven-hour flight.

These Are The Happy Moments:

It all happened on Monday, Nov,29 when he had a free flight to Cambodia with all his health and happiness.  The creature was released from his grim condition.

An American actress and singer Cher took tireless efforts to get Kaavan out of the Margazaar zoo. She accompanied US businessman Eric Margolis and the group Four Paws International. She helped pay for him by the charity she raised for this purpose with the slogans” Free the Wild.”

The sanctuary in Oddar Meanchey Province already hosts three female elephants. Now he wouldn’t be called the “world’s loneliest elephant”.

Kavaan’s New Life:

After he arrived in the sanctuary, Cher was waiting for him with a lot of journalists and monks who blessed him. And after this, he moved to a sanctuary. He is in a new closer for a while to stay. He was reacting as so much excited when his trunk touched another female’s trunk. And it’s really touching.

The incident opened the door for other animals like two bears from Islamabad to Jordan.

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