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Miss Universe 2021: Host Steve Harvey is Being Criticized

by Ayesha Saeed

The 63-year-old presenter is being accused of mocking Indian culture after making Ms. Harnaaz Sandhu imitate a dog, monkey, and elephant during the ceremony.

The incident happened when Steve asked Ms. Harnaaz Sandhu to pick up something from under the stage to which she responded with an elephant impression. Harvey then whistled in the style of how monkeys do before asking her to perform another animal act. He finally ended his ‘tour around the world’ by having her bark like a dog.

“One more, give me one more. Give me a tiger,” Harvey said while holding his hands in front of him as if he was about to box someone. “C’mon, make it real.”

miss universe 2021

Harvey then ran around the stage before pulling his hands apart and saying: “I am a bad man.”

The controversial host then laughed and said: “Oh lord,” while pointing at her.

According to NDTV, the incident has sparked fury on social media with people sharing posts about #SteveHarveyMocks and #RespectIndia.

However, many others have come out in support of Steve Harvey since the show on Sunday night. They say that he was simply making fun of himself after having made such a mistake on stage in 2015 by announcing the wrong winner of Miss Universe.

Two different broadcasts of this event exist; one broadcast shows him merely telling her to pick something up, while the other has him asking her to do an animal impression.

What do you think? Is Steve Harvey guilty of mocking Indian culture, or was this just a funny bit that went wrong? Let us know in the comments!


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