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Business Ideas With Low Investment In Pakistan

by Aitsam
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The economy of Pakistan is high and complex. Starting or running a new business is known as entrepreneurship. And to start a business is not a simple task. In this journey, you may face many hurdles but never lose hope. Your dream to launch your own business in Pakistan with a little or low investment can come true, business ideas with low investment in Pakistan.

Some successful business ideas in Pakistan are:

Online Trading

Online trading is one of the most simple and successful business ideas with little investment. It is a low budget business, and you can do this work by sitting at home.

Online Trading

The method of online trading is:
Step 1:  Create a page on Facebook related to your business
Step 2:  Promote the page with your friends and colleagues
Step 3:  Upload the pictures of your quality work
Step 4:  Mention every product’s price because it is easy for every customer to buy things according to their range
Step 5:  Hire a courier service to deliver your products to your buyers, such as TCS and Leopards Courier

Art and Craft

With the publicity of various things like bridal showers, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, baby shower, etc. are the important functions in our lives and customs.

Arts and Crafts

Customized items like cakes, props, decorations gained so much popularity. In this business, you need a low investment to work hard and show your talent to others.

Tourism Agency

Pakistan is always open for tourism. When tourists came to Pakistan, they face the problem of the language barrier. And they need someone to help them out in these problems like hotel booking and money exchange. The tourism agency is always there to help them. It is a profitable business with a small investment.

Driving Centre

The dependency trend in Pakistan is decreasing day by day. Especially, the women of Pakistan want to become dependent. They want to drive their car by herself. By learning to drive, you need to buy a car with insurance and the skill to drive a car. Or you can run an Uber car to earn a good amount of money.


Suppose you’re good at clicking photos and shoot videos. Buy a DSLR and then add some lenses. Start taking pictures of anything you like and then post them on Instagram. If you love to travel, then make some travel diaries. You can start your YouTube channel for vlogging and blogging.

Professional Photography


The freelancing business is getting much fame in Asian Countries. International companies hire freelancers for their projects. Freelance business is a successful business with zero investment, but it needs your hard work and intelligence.

Freelance in Pakistan

Freelancers are self-employed, and they have the freedom to do a job in any company. And to pick any project which they like. It has been proved that freelancing is the most profitable business in Pakistan.

Home-Based Cooking

Homemade food is always preferred rather than hotel food. Because it is healthy and hygienic food for everyone, this is the most successful business with low investment. You’ll get a high profit in this business.


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