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Pakistan: Flash Floods 2020

by Aitsam
Heavy Rain in Karachi - Mera Pakistan

Pakistan: Flash Floods 2020. Heavy rainfall has been starting in Balochistan and Sindh from 6 to 7 August. The continuous rain over 24 hours has caused huge flooding in Karachi, Shaheed, Benazirbad, Hyderabad, and Dadu. The area of Tehsil Johi in Dadu District is the most affected region of recent torrential rains.

The floods damaged the groundwork and houses, and the crops of Johi Tehsil. Not only this, but the continuous rain has put the lives of people in danger.

The Government of Sindh has proclaimed 80 villages in Dadu District as “Calamity Affected Areas.” The floods also affect Balochistan’s different parts, including Harnai, Sibbi, Kacchi, Naserbad, and Jaffarbad.

Districts of Dadu are the most hit areas in the recent monsoon rainfall. Floodwaters have damaged the Parts of the province. In Bolan areas, flash floods affect the main Quetta-Sibi highway at many points.

In Jhal Magsi district, floods have wrecked 40 villages. According to the reports, 7 people have lost their lives, and over 50 people have got injured.  Therefore, the flash floods have divested the crops and livestock in Jhal Magsi and Jafferbad.

Flooding and monsoon rainfall affect Pakistan, resulting in 40 injuries and 90 fatalities. Over 15 bridges, 1050 homes, and 10 roads are damaged. Streets and houses are filled with rainwater.

Relentless rains thrash 22 districts of Balochistan Province on 7 August.  It caused flash floods, damaged bridges, highways, and cutting-off highways in Gwadar-Karachi, Quetta-Jacobabad from the major cities.

Flooded Road in Karachi - Mera Pakistan

Three days of heavy monsoon rain killed nearly 50 people across Pakistan.

According to the Pakistan National Disastrous Management Authority, (NDMA), 19 people have died in the rain in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. According to the details, 12 died in southern Sindh Province, 8 died in Punjab Province, and 10 in the northern Gilgit-Baltistan region.

Flash Floods also damaged over 100 homes and caused a breaking in flooded main canals and villages in Sindh Province.

Pakistan army troops with helicopters rush into the affected areas to help the locals. But they are having insufficient resources to cope with the current emergency. So they took the services of boats and rushed into the flood-affected areas to save the lives of people.

Army Rescue - Mera Pakistan
“In this picture, Pakistan army soldiers rescue villagers from the flash flood areas in Dadu, a Sindh Province district”.

What caused Floods in Pakistan?

Floods are the most devastating of natural calamities. However, some major floods have occurred in most of the South Asian countries that cause a tremendous loss of lives and property.

The heavy rainfall is responsible for flash floods in Pakistan. The major causes are climate change, and deforestation,  and the lack of knowledge about saving the forests. Only 5.2% of forests cover the land in Pakistan. It causes denudation, which is one of the major reasons for provoking floods.

An organization, Sarhad Awami Forestry Ittehad (SAFI), had stated that in parts of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Malakand Agency, over 70% of forests were pulled down between 2007 and 2009. Another news in Aljazeer asserts that the flooding has been severe in areas where the timber mafia is active.

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